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What is it?

Photo|Frome is a new Festival dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all levels of photographic endeavour from local, national, and international photographers.

The Festival aims to put photography on the map in Frome and the South West of the U.K. – and, eventually, make Frome a firm destination on the international photography festival circuit. It is an ambitious, inspiring programme that encompasses world-class exhibitions, captivating keynote speakers, practical workshops, community involvement, photo walks and more.

Photo|Frome has three strands to the festival’s curation approach: Thought-provoking national and international work, photography showcasing the history of the southwest, and representation of local photographers.

As a registered Community Interest Company (CIC 13912579), the involvement of local students and community institutions is integral to Photo|Frome’s mission to help inspire the next generation of photographers. The festival also partners with many local businesses to help sustain the regional community.

When is it?

For our first Festival, Photo|Frome 2022 is an almost four-week-long series of events running from Tuesday, 21st June to Friday, 15th July 2022. Other events will happen through the year leading up to 2023’s Festival.

Who is it for?

Photo|Frome is an inclusive festival of contemporary photography for anyone with an interest in the medium, whether they’re professional photographers, art lovers, students, or just looking to learn. It is a celebration of modern photography in all its glorious forms and genres, featuring serious work alongside fun activities, and catering to both young and were-young-once, those who have only just picked up a camera and those who’ve forgotten how long they’ve been holding one.

Photo|Frome is a community driven organisation with diverse activities appealing to all age groups.  That said, in the proper representation of contemporary themes, some photography may include nudity and other work might include thought provoking and perhaps occasionally distressing adult documentary photoessays.

The Independent Eye

The theme of the first Festival is ‘The Independent Eye’. This celebrates photography as an art-form that stands alone from others. Photography offers artists a unique ability to present personal viewpoints and perspectives, reflections on the world, and new artistic and technical approaches.

This also reflects Frome’s long-standing themes. ‘The Frome Independent’ market is the largest in the South West, and the town proudly has had an Independent Council since 2011 (‘flatpack democracy’).


The annual Frome Festival of music, theatre, and arts has been very successfully established for two decades. Photo|Frome complements this with a dedicated, standalone photography-centric agenda, and will partner with Frome Festival on several events.

Frome is a vibrant and engaged community. It has the long-standing Independent Market every month, Arts & Crafts markets, numerous restaurants, artisan cafes, and has a thriving town centre of independent stores of all kinds. Frome has been voted a ‘best place to live’.

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