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Celie Nigoumi – Shaved Heads

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Celie Nigoumi ( &. is the next of Photo|Frome’s featured photographers. ‘Shaved Heads‘ reflects her curiosity about why shaving your head is seen as such a symbolic move and the varied reasons behind doing it. Celie has learned that… Read More »Celie Nigoumi – Shaved Heads

Dorothea Lange & ‘Migrant Mother’

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One of history’s most famous photographs is Dorothea Lange‘s ‘Migrant Mother‘ taken during the Great Depression, in California (Nipomo), in 1936. Dorothea Lange. 1936. Migrant Mother of Seven. Nipomo. Dorothea was commissioned by the Farm Security Administration to document the impact of federal programs in… Read More »Dorothea Lange & ‘Migrant Mother’

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