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© Aljoscha / Beck & Eggeling Gallery

Aljoscha is a Ukrainian-Russian artist based in Germany, and he works under a pseudonym. His practice spans drawing, painting, sculpture and spatial installation, and he creates biomorphic maquettes called ‘bioisms’. Bioism or biofuturism represents the artist’s attempt to create new living forms and a new aesthetics of future organic life. It is an effort to produce art based on vitality, multiplicity and complexity. Aljoscha regards each of his works as a living being.

The series presented, Intervention b-meeting #57, was created in March-April 2022 in response to the war in Ukraine. In Aljoscha’s own words:

Biosm seeks and finds asylum in special schools and nursing homes of Ukraine. It had to pass multiple checkpoints before being installed in 13 Ukrainian asylums and special schools as beacons of hope. Brought through mine fields, interrogations and the hundreds of check-points they give a light of hope to the teachers and pupils, to those who are sick and tired, who wait for the end of homeschooling and air alarms, who wait for the end of bombings, senseless violence and cruelty, who wait for the end of a disgraceful war’.

Photo|Frome is the second international exhibition of this work, following its May 2022 representation at Photo London. Aljoscha has been widely exhibited across Europe, Russia and the USA, and in the UK. This exhibition is presented by courtesy of the Shtager Gallery, London.


Sunday, June 26th – Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, 10am – 4pm daily, free entry

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