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Ramona Carraro

With over 20 years experience in music and live event photography, paired with a lifetime of growing up at festivals. Ramona Carraro’s natural habitat with her camera is on the stage, or amongst the crowd capturing the wonderful world of events in every shape or form. She has worked with many of the UK’s largest festivals including being part of Glastonbury Festival’s press team and also has one of her images published in their 50th anniversary book.

Ramona has a BA (hons) in Media Arts and a Masters in event management. Now settled in Frome with her two boys, working at 23 Bath Street, but also running events including a venue at Glastonbury, it made perfect sense for her to host a selection of her event and music photography work at Frome’s unique live entertainment venue, a multi-storey historic building right in the town centre.

Mostly self taught with a love for observing, and fast paced low light photography, her images give the viewer an insight into performers and crowds feelings of freedom and release. She has also worked with numerous record labels within the Jungle and Drum and Bass scene which adds another element to her work with portraiture and press shots, alongside the live event shots which brings an interesting and diverse element to her work. With a much more personal touch than her documentary style event work.

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Wednesday, June 29th – Friday, July 15th. 2022. 17:00-Late Wednesday – Friday; 12:00-Late Saturday; 12:00-20:00 Sunday. Free entry

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