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Faces of Frome Gallery

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We are pleased to announce that a gallery of Faces of Frome is available here.

Faces of Frome is an ongoing project documenting the diversity of the people of Frome. Permanent residents and those visiting this vibrant community are invited to take part in this ongoing-project led by Jesse Alexander, during The Frome Independent market on July 3rd, 2022, who partner this project.

Sitters all received a free digital copy of their portrait and consented to the use of their photo in the project. Please let us know if for some reason you have not received your portrait – or if we made an error in naming. Email

Photographs were taken by Amber Mylius-King and Sam Simpson-Pattinson, BA students at Boomsatsuma College, Bristol. Students of Frome College handled the consent forms and administration.

The photographs are part of a living archive, added to with each edition of Photo|Frome festival, building a unique record of the community. Eventually, Photo|Frome will publish a book and stage exhibitions celebrating this unique project.

Jesse Alexander is a photographer, writer and lecturer based in the Mendips. He studied at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design (Farnham) and Documentary at the University of Wales Newport. He is currently Course Leader for MA Photography and BA(Hons) Photography (Top Up) (online) at Falmouth University

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