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Celie Nigoumi

Based in Frome, Celie Nigoumi is a Brand, Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer, working all over the UK.

As a teenager, Celie used Photography as a way to precisely capture how light interacts with the environment around her. Through a BA(Hons) Visual Communication and 7 years of professional practice, she has developed a way of uniting these physical elements with thoughtful connection.

Celie aims to make portraits that not only help her participants see themselves in a new light, but resonate with the audience on a deeper level and tell a story that will affect everyone differently. Having recently fallen back in love with film photography, Celie is enjoying this slower, more tactile process, and is starting to incorporate it into her commercial commissions.

Celie frequently works on her own documentary projects exploring themes of change and community. Her current work investigates the world of activism by recording protests and making personal portraits with those who are designing their own future by refusing to accept the one handed to them.

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