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Miharu Micha

Eco Human Experiment: Water

Examining the elements and forces in nature, including the relationship with the human element. Encouraging humans to play with the elements. Paying subtle attention to processes within the nature and map human intervention. Supporting mindfulness and respect.

“Process of the experiment: I ask people to walk in the forest and then swim or play in the water. The experiment in the water takes about 10-15 minutes, is held in a river dam in the mountains, and I take pictures and notes of the conversations before and after the experiment.”

Miharu Micha creates visual poetry and essays. Currently, she expresses herself mainly through photography. The camera helps her capture and plays with the present moment. She strains and contorts her camera compositions. Through her experiments with aperture, camera’s sensitivity to light and shutter speed adjustments she is able to see beyond a fraction of a second. She loves working with blur. She is interested in the subjective documentation of everyday social and cultural events and then sharing those frozen as personal and archival logs. Her practice lives on the edge of photography, painting, drawing. She portrays people in their wider architectural, urban and/or nature based contexts. She continues to map the transient nature of contemporary Europe. Consciously enjoying the flux that exists within the moment. The moment of now which is the potential beginning of a new story. Every nanosecond.

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