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Anjalika Baier

The Independent Eye

Climate Change

Anjalika has always been drawn to the visual arts, including photography, but up until about 10 years ago she only ever used a small automatic camera, mainly to take on holidays. With the purchase of her first digital camera her passion for photography and learning more about it evolved.

Suddenly there was this opportunity to see the world with different eyes, either close up, abstract, or even blurred when moving the camera intentionally. Her latest passion is for the camera-less techniques of the 19th century like cyanotype and cyanolumen. Using these techniques she works directly with just paper, subject matter, light and some chemicals to produce unique and unrepeatable images. 

‘Climate change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment: the impacts are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Anjalika chose to use the wet cyanotype process for this series about the major environmental effects. Using abstract images to raise awareness about climate change allows viewers time to pause and reflect on the issue’.

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