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Barry Hill

The Independent Eye

Ubique et Nusquam

These shots (Democratic Photography, a subset of Unique et Nusquam – everywhere and nowhere) concern themselves with colour, texture and contrast. They are local, free and are all about training the vision to see the beauty in the everyday; in what is right before our eyes. It is about looking at the things we see every day without noticing or appreciating them. It is “Seeing the universe in a grain of sand” (William Blake), it is about feeling the numinous in the mundane‘. 

For more than twenty years Barry worked as an adviser to people approaching retirement. One of his key recommendations was that people should find an absorbing hobby, especially if their work had been their main focus. Five years ago Barry took his own advice and took up photography. As he suspected, photography is fascinating and there is an inlimited amount of things to learn and appreciate.


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