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Celie Nigoumi

The Independent Eye

Shaved Heads

At the heart of this project is a curiosity about why shaving your head is seen as such a symbolic move and the varied reasons behind doing it. I’ve learned that whether it leads to a more honest expression of yourself, or acts as a rebellious release from the confines of lockdown, it’s a deeply personal decision that invites outside comment and judgement, as well as inner peace and resilience. My overall aim when making these portraits was to provide an opportunity to talk freely about their decision and how it has impacted them.

I’m a Personal Brand and Micro Wedding Photographer, using my documentary background to make vibrant, authentic images. After finishing my BA (Hons) Visual Communication in Birmingham, I moved back to Frome in 2016 where I’ve had a huge range of jobs alongside Freelance work, finally becoming fully self-employed in July 2021. I’m thrilled that my latest project has been recognised as a winner by The British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Britain Award 2021, with my image of Beth being displayed on screens all over the country. 


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