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Hannah Jones

The Independent Eye


These images forms part of an ongoing project called Inspirit. As a response to increasing uncertainty and anxiety, I wanted to offer viewers respite through a celebration and appreciation of the beauty around us; be it through the way a certain light falls, colours and textures of the natural world, moment of ephemerality in daily life. These images have been taken at different locations and at different times over the past few years, however, when presented as a collective series, there were some visible similarities that started to reveal something about what I am searching for through my practice as a photographer. I want to invite people into a world of solace, to illuminate the simplicity of beauty and to consider the transcendental nature that life can offer us, if we are open to it.

I am a freelance photographer currently based between Bristol and Frome. Growing up in the English countryside allowed me to develop a deep appreciation for and connection to the natural world — the subject which most inspires my work. Spending several years living abroad as an in-house photographer, I returned to the UK and continue to be inspired by natural light, textures and environments, exploring the landscape with sensitivity and delicacy. My work is born from an interest in making connection, to create meaning from my surroundings and to share it with the world.


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