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Jamie House

The Independent Eye


L1 uses nocturnal field studies conducted at the biogenetic site Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall as my research methodology. I explore notions of the non-human through an investigation of the philosophy of plant-life and satellite communication. My inquires relate to plant life on earth and lifeforms elsewhere in the universe, exploring how humans and non-humans perceive and navigate this unique site.  Using a posthuman photography methodology I am not asking what things in the world look like, but what it means to live in the world of interconnected and networked entities, that create new existences, and acknowledge non-human ways of viewing the world.

Jamie House  is an artist researcher using Photography. He employs art practice, combined with critical plant studies and a knowledge of scientific spaces, to provide new readings of post-industrial sites designed for research. Through experimental practice, which prioritises photographic research methods but which also considers multi-sensory technological methods of observation, he highlights the intersections of art, science and nature.

Jamie won a British Photography Award in 2021.

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