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Street and Travel Photography – The Raw Society

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We came across an interesting YouTube video from The Raw Society on Street and Travel photography.

Some of it is as you might expect – basic compositional ideas (thirds, odds, triangles etc); how to behave on the street and so on. But we found the totality an interesting watch with some excellent photography and thoughtful comments. Right at the end is a useful discussion on ethics, worth watching to the end just for that. We found the storytelling section pretty cool, too. And it is happily free of ‘gear stuff’. From the YouTube blurb:

Part documentary, part online course! Join The Raw Society founders Jorge Delgado-Ureña and Christelle Enquist in the streets of Marrakech, Morocco, and learn how to improve your street and travel photography skills. Learn how to approach the streets and get tips on storytelling, composition, gear, camera and lens choice, personal style, color theory, editing, sequencing, how to develop a project & more…and see how to do it all on location!

    • Introduction
    • Approaching the Streets
    • Storytelling
    • Color Theory
    • Personal Style
    • Composition
    • Gear & Backups
    • Editing & Sequencing
    • Sequencing a Book
    • Ethics

Here is the video:

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