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Photo|Frome had a two-day Symposium on this year’s theme ‘Decolonising Environments’, which explored the complex and often conflicting relationships between human communities, places, and the natural world. Encompassing a range of styles, subjects and genres, Photo|Frome invited photographers and our audience to contribute to discussions around the social and environmental impacts of longstanding political, cultural, and economic ideas about our world. 

Here are some videos of the talks.

Christina Simons is an award-winning international documentary photographer focused on humanitarian issues and cultural diversity. Her work has been exhibited throughout Australia, the United States, the UK, Europe, Russia and Mexico. Icelandic & American, Christina resides in Australia and is a true citizen of the world speaking multiple languages. She is a member of the Women Photograph collective and regularly mentors and teaches photography. Throughout her 25-year visual arts career, her work has been represented in publications such as The New York Times, BBC and The Guardian. Christina has also worked with NGOs such as Medicines Sans Frontiers, Marie Stopes and UNICEF. 

Photo|Frome 2023 exhibited work from two of Christina’s series. ‘Australian Apocalypse’ shows the consequences of bushfires which ravaged over 10 million hectares of Australia, killing nearly 30 people and an estimated half a billion animals. Her latest work, ‘Uncertain Land’ documents how people already internally displaced because of war in newly formed South Sudan also had to flee climate change flooding. This is an extract from Christina’s talk at the Symposium on the ‘Australian Apocalypse’

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