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Visitor Feedback, 2022

Photo|Frome had over 6,000 visitors in its inaugural year, with several of the 7 exhibition venues breaking attendance records. Over 600 people left comments in the visitors books, and this is a sample. Thank you, all, for the encouragement. Now, onto 2023.

Rook Lane Chapel – Danny North, Vanessa Fairfax-Woods, Olga Karlovac, Robert Huggins, Aljoscha, Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz and John Angerson.

Amazing! What a fantastic start for Photo|Frome!
Fantastic exhibition, the students loved it. Keep up the great work!
A stimulating show, Aljoscha extra challenging.
Words are not enough – but well done.
Really impressed with Olga [Karlovac] and Hanna-Katrina [Jędrosz]’ work. Very personal.
Beautiful work and stories. All work together well whilst standing out in their own way. Amazing quality prints.
Must be repeated!
Fantastic to see the work of so many talented photographers exhibited in such great venues and treated the way photography should be – an art form! Thank you.
Great to see such an ambitious exhibition in Frome.
Wonderful exhibition, beautifully curated and stunning images.
Excellent exhibition, well presented and eclectic.
A stunning show. Especially enjoyed the work of Robert Huggins and Danny North, but all hangs together really well.
I found the explanation of some of the photographs very illuminating and food for thought.
Wonderful to see such quality work in Frome. The European Green Belt [by Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz] spoke volumes.
I liked the space photos! [of John Angerson].
The world in Frome – really great to see such a strong photography show in Frome.
Fantastic photos. Intriguing, inspiring, unexpected, engaging.
Thanks for doing this. Great work, and particularly like the portraits and the black and white work.
Really great to see a strong photography show in Frome.
Entered feeling normal. Left feeling educated and uplifted.
Such a great and inclusive event for the local and wider photography community. Can’t wait for next year!
What a super idea! Love the variety of the work and in particular Olga [Karlovac]. Thanks!
Really compelling works. Nice one. Cheers.
Great variety and fabulous photos. Thanks.
We really enjoyed Photo|Frome and look forward to the next.
Lovely exhibition. Inspiring to the novice photographer that I am. Thank you!
Great. Well done on all the hard work – all over our town!
Beautiful exhibition. Olga [Karlovac’s] work is even better up close!
Wonderful. Really connected to Vanessa Fairfax-Woods.
Really varied styles, philosophies – really interesting and enjoyable.
Lovely exhibition in a beautiful building, particularly like Robert Huggins work. Photo|Frome definitely needs to happen again next year – congratulations!
Thank you – please repeat!
Truly inspiring, very well curated exhibition. Thanks so much.

Black Swan Arts Round Tower – James Ravilious & Chris Chapman

Wonderful collection, evocative of the times.
Wonderful prints and great to see.
Superb, atmospheric. Very evocative.
Really good images, look forward to seeing the other exhibitions.
Wonderful, thought provoking, time-captured images.
That could have been me on the beach at Westward Ho (but 20 years earlier).
Beautiful, wonderful memories of Dartmoor.
Simply stunning images of one of my favourite places.
Students loved the work – very inspiring!
Loved the quality and tonal ranges. Excellent.
A nostalgia boost!
Fantastic photographs, capturing the essence of a different way of life.
Just superb, familiar with both of the photographers [Ravilious & Chapman] – great to see here.
Such a fantastic show – thank you to the artists but also to the organisers.
Impressed, especially with the Chris Chapman rural shots. 
Fantastic. Black and white images are so emotive.
Lovely exhibition and space.
Wonderful pictures of a bygone era.
Lovely shots of yesteryear sadly missed these days!
Beautiful work in perfect setting.
Wonderful work presented in a beautiful space.
Most enjoyable, particularly liked Chris Chapman’s work.
Really enjoyed both artists, with echoes of James Ravilious in Chris Chapman’s portraits.
What a triumph! Love Photo|Frome, what a great idea. Brilliant work.
Stunning black and white photographs that tell a story.
Great trip down memory lane.
Beautiful – and laugh out loud!
My two favourite photographers.
Absolutely wonderful – my style, need to up my game.
Great exhibition, and I can feel the history of England.
A nice mix of country life and atmospheric landscape shots.
Wonderful, evocative images of one of the world’s most glorious places. Fabulous.
Brilliant collection of James Ravilious which recall the style of his father’s paintings.
Big fan of James Ravilious, saw photos I’ve not seen before – enjoyed Chris Chapman’s work, too.
Enjoyed the intimacy of Chris Chapman’s photos.

Frome Town Hall – Frome Wessex Photographic group exhibition

Very lovely! We are so lucky to have all this on our doorstep! Thanks so much!
Great to see the creativity of camera club members.
Loved the variety. So interesting to see moments in time captured so beautifully and creatively.
Good variety of photographs. Good to see prints instead of looking on a screen!
Excellent. Great range of styles. Great addition to the Festival.
Much experimentation and care.
Loved the variety and different styles. Thank you for sharing.
The best exhibition of the festival.
All very different, something for everyone.
How photography has developed since our childhood – some amazing images here, thank you!
Really broad view of photos and ideas. Nicely put together.
We have come from Northampton to see this exhibition and were not disappointed. A splendid mix of abstract and figurative. 
Nice to see local photographers.
A wonderful exhibition. Inspiring for my 11-year-old daughter who is a budding photographer.
Some surprising work!
Lovely exhibition. Inspired me to take it up and explore wildlife photography.
Fantastic – what variety and creativity!
Love the variety of individual interpretations.
Loved the cyanotypes.
Lovely examples of abstract imagery and light.
Enjoyed this show most of all venues – excellent stuff. Well done and thank you.
Loved the natural beauty in the photos. Well curated.
Fascinating techniques. Inspired to get my camera out.
Beautiful pictures. I’ll get my camera out!