Anjalika Baier – Wet Cyanotypes

Anjalika will demonstrate the technique of using photosensitive paper to create beautiful images without a camera. Cyanotypes go back to the dawn of photography, perhaps the most famous being Anna Atkins’ book is Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions, 1843.

Date and venue to be confirmed.

Loveday Powell – Portraiture

Loveday is a professional portrait photographer. She will share some of her techniques and tips to create beautiful portraits of all kinds.

Date and venue to be confirmed.

Justin Quinnell – Pinhole Photography

Justin is an internationally renowned expert on pinhole photography – its history and modern day applications. He will demonstrate the building and making of an effective camera out of discarded materials, and how to use traditional methods to produce a variety of images resulting in paper negatives.

Date and venue to be confirmed.

Jane Wiltshire – Still Life

Jane creates still life photographs using Photoshop, in the style of 17th century Dutch painters.

Date and venue to be confirmed.

Other workshops will be announced early 2022.